About Krut

Krut computer recorder started out in 2004 as a project for learning to program Java through creating a simple screencast tool, and the program has evolved since then. At that time there were no similar, freely available Windows tools for recording instructional videos of the screen.

The program uses the Java Media Framework (JMF) to encode video. This includes modified versions of the files Merge.java and JpegImagesToMovie.java.

Conditions of use are included in the readme file downloaded with the program. With the exceptions of the afore mentioned programs, Krut is licenced under the GPLv2.

For more information, see comments in the source code and the readme file downloaded with the program.

The program has been written by Jonas Östby with contributions by Kristoffer Berggren. This webpage was made by Björn and Jonas Östby.

Contact information:
The safest, and preferred, contact method is to use the forum. There are no guarantees that the project will remain actively supported by the present authors. At the time of writing, an author can also be contacted at:
jonasostby at sourceforge.net